Mass in St Leo’s today is at 10.30.

Every other day this week it will be at 10.00 preceded by a short Morning Prayer.


For the Church: that like the shepherds,
we may praise God for all that God has done
and share the Good News of God’s love for us with all who touch our lives
Lord, hear us

For the grace to recognize and reverence the work of God in our lives 
and, like Mary,  love and serve each other with generosity.
Lord, hear us

At New Year:
that God will fill the coming days with health of body, mind, and spirit; 
and renew the gifts of the Spirit within us, 
Lord, hear us

 That God will help us to listen in our families and to our friends 
so that we may grow in love and understanding of one another.
Lord, hear us

For all leaders of the Church, leaders of the nations, and all of us:
that we may work wisely to serve the common good.
Lord, hear us

For all who are ill,
those who support them,
and for our dead:
Lord, hear us