All Souls 2019 Mass


Intercessions All Souls Day 2019

For the dead in our family and our community, for all those who were dear to us in life, for those who have died in the past year:

Betty McKinney
May Scott
Landa Houghton
Irene Brannan
Moira Montgomery
Cathy Gilbert
Frank Kierney
Catherine Barrett
Bridie McCallion
Alec Lowry

May God  may be their unending joy
Lord, hear us


For all those who had to suffer much in life from sickness, injustice or poverty that their sorrow may now be at an end and there may be no end to their happiness.                                                                                                            Lord, hear us

For those whose anniversaries fall at this time including Hugh Bradley, Nicola Clare and Kathleen McCann.
Lord, hear us

For the dead who had to go a lonely way through life because none or few cared for them,  or because their children or partners deserted them; or their own circumstances isolated them;  that now they may discover the joy of the friendship of the saints in heaven.                             Lord, hear us

And finally for ourselves, that we may help and support one another on the journey through life, that we may go the Lord’s way travelling side by side.                                                                                                                            Lord, hear us