Masses at 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.

All Saints 2019

Such are the ones who seek your face, who seek your face, O Lord.

The feast we celebrate today originally honoured martyrs. Later, from the 4th century, when Christians were free to worship according to their consciences, the Church acknowledged other paths to holiness. In the early centuries the only criterion was popular acclaim, even when the bishop’s approval became the final step in placing a commemoration on the calendar. The first papal canonization occurred in 993; the lengthy process now required to prove exceptional holiness took shape in the last 500 years. Today’s feast honours the obscure as well as the famous—the saints each of us have known.



That we may be aware of our unity with the whole human family and with the sainst who have gone before us into the splendour of the life of God.   Lord, hear us

For the work of Glasgow Churches Together, for our neighbouring churches in Ibrox, Kinning Park and Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s as well as the churches of the Archdiocese: that we may grow together in faithfulness.   Lord, hear us

For peace: that people may all see the other as brother or sister and work to understand one another – especially in the Holy Land, Syria, Iraq, and the Yemen    Lord, hear us

For the well-being of our country in this time of political uncertainty.
Lord, hear us

For all the sick and housebound among our families and in the community, and for all those who care for them.        Lord, hear us

For our deceased relatives and friends and for Bridie McCallion who died this week.  Lord, hear us