Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom










For the Church: that our faith may deepen, our hope be strengthened,
and our love abound as we draw life from Christ, the Vine.
Lord, hear us

all who help others discover their relationship with God,
parents and teachers,  priests and catechists:
that they may continue to grow in their relationship with God
and freely share this gift with others.
Lord hear us

For the grace of letting go: that God will help us
to let go of those things that obstruct the flow of life and love within us,
so that the Spirit of God can flow through us and renew us.
Lord, hear us

For children and their families in the parish, and in the archdiocese,
who are preparing for First Communion:
Lord, hear us  . . . . .

For peace throughout the world,
and for a strengthening of the United Nations in its ability to defuse international problems.
Lord, hear us

For the sick of the parish and their families: Mary Margaret Cosgrovel, Bertha Jones, Russel Collins,
Ursula Glancy,  Donald McInnes, Kieran McDermott,  Joseph Boyle, Margaret McCafferty,
Margaret Whitelaw, Moira Montgomery, May Conroy, Alan Hutcheson, Carol Gallagher,
Jean Martin, Sadie Coll, Kenneth Fee, Peter Gibson, Cathy Gilbert, Linda
Giulianotti, Kathleen Mallon, Joe McGhee, Margaret Padden, Liam Brogan, Fr Joseph Chambers,
Willie Boyle, Cathy Bruce, Mary McKenna, and Adrianne Faulds.
Lord, hear us

For our deceased relatives, friends & fellow-parishioners, including Brother Konrad Hermann,
Frances Coleman, John Dunn,  Mary Hannah, Mrs Emily Twomey,
Geraldine Lightfoot, Lena McGrade, Gerard Hayden, Leonora Ventisei,
and all those whose anniversary falls about now including Johanna Nicol, William Nicol,
and William and Ellen Harrison. We also pray for those killed or injured serving in the armed forces.
Lord, hear us