St. Leo the Great   5 Beech Avenue,  Glasgow G41 5BY   0141 427 0293 The Archdiocese of Glasgow. A Designated religious charity, No SCO18140    Priest: Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick  

 4th Sunday of Advent Year A                          19th December  2010

The 3rd Advent CandleAs we light the 4th Advent Candle we recall the obstinacy of King Ahaz refusing to recognise the signs of the times,
and the wisdom of Isaiah giving hope in the name of God.
In our own times ,
we pray that those who labour for the common good
will feel God’s blessing on their efforts and our generous support.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen

‘Such was his intention when behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream . . .


Teach me how to live, Lord, show me the way, steer me towards your truth,
you, my saving God,  you my  constant hope.   I lift my soul to you . . . . . . .

 Penitential Rite:   Kyrie eleison . . . . . . . . . . .

 1st reading: Isaiah 7:10-14

 Psalm 23: He is the king of glory! Let him enter in.

 The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness, the world and all its peoples.
He it was who set it on the seas, on the waters he made it firm.
He is the king of glory! Let him enter in.

 Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord? Who shall stand in his holy place?
The pure in heart, whose hands are clean, and who does not seek worthless things.
He is the king of glory! Let him enter in.

 He shall be blessed by the Lord, rewarded by God, his Saviour. 
Such the ones who seek your face, who seek Jacob’s God.
He is the king of glory! Let him enter in.

 2nd reading Romans 1:1-7
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.     The virgin will conceive, bring forth a son, Emmanuel his name, ‘God with us.’  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia
Gospel: Matthew Matthew 1:18-24

For the grace of insight: that we may know that God is with us each day, and somehow manage to be a sign to others of God’s loving presence in their lives.   Lord, hear us

For freedom from judging others: that like Joseph, we may hold our judgments so that the work of God may unfold in the hearts and lives of those who are dear to us.  Lord, hear us

 For our parish, and for all the local churches,  that we may embrace God’s will, no matter how mysterious nor how great the cost. Lord, hear us

  For all who are ill and for those who support and look after them, that they may experience the healing touch of God in their lives:  including Dina Conetta, Roderick McCafferty, Eileen Donaghy, Margaret McCafferty, Moira Montgomery, May Conroy, Alan Hutcheson, Carol Gallagher, Jean Martin,  Sadie Coll, Margaret Lanigan, Kenneth Fee, Peter Gibson, Cathy and Leo Gilbert,  Linda Giulianotti, Kathleen Mallon, Joe McGhee, Margaret Padden, Liam Brogan,  Fr Joseph Chambers, Cathy Bruce, Jane Henderson, Mary McKenna, Anne & Bernard McNiffe,  Mary O’Hare,  Margaret Duffy.     Lord, hear us    

We remember those who have died including William McGarvie, Peter Forbes, Thomas Crawley, and John Hamilton and all those whose anniversary falls about now, including  John McVey, Adrian Rogers, Catherine Joyce, Elizabeth Mulligan, James Kennedy, and all our deceased friends and relatives and fellow parishioners.   We also pray for those who have been injured or killed while serving in the armed forces.  
Lord, hear us . .

The Preparation of Gifts 
A sign is seen in heaven a maiden-mother fair;  her mantle is the sunlight, and stars adorn her hair.
The maiden’s name is Mary, in love she brings to birth the Lord of all the ages, the King of all the earth.

 Like moonlight on the hilltops she shines on all below, like sunlight on the mountains her child outshines the snow,
O Mary, Queen of mothers, still smile on young and old; bless hearth and home and harvest, bless farm and field and fold.

 Pray, Mother, Queen in glory, before the Father’s throne; praise God’s eternal Wisdom,  the Child who is your own;
rejoice in God the Spirit, whose power let you conceive the Child of Eden’s promise, O new and sinless Eve.

 St Andrew Sanctus       

Memorial:     We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your resurrection,
                            until you come in glory, until you come.
   St Andrew Lamb of God. . .

Communion:  Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. 
Blessed are those called to the Banquet of the Lamb.  
Blessed are those called to the Banquet of the Lamb.  
I am the bread of life, the bread come down from heaven.  
Anyone who eats this bread will live for evermore
Behold the Lamb . . . . . . .

 Copyright:. Introit Words © ICEL. Ps 23: From The Psalms: A New Translation © 1963 The Grail (England) published by HarperCollins. Music Gerry Fitzpatrick © Kevin Mayhew. Hymns reproduced with icence: Calamus   Lic  0262 & CCL  lic 74396    

 Weekday Mass: Weekdays Masses 10.00. preceded by Morning Prayer. Sunday Masses: Saturday Vigil 6.00; Sunday morning 9.30 and 11.00. Confessions 5.30 and on request.   Tea in the hall after  masses on Sunday. Thursday 23rd Dec Ecumenical Morn Prayer at St Leo’s with Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s at 10.00.    

Parish offerings:: Gift Aid 1st Offering: £236.00.  1st Offering £298.00. 2nd Offering for the Care Trust £393.00  Quarterly: £115 Gift-aided Quarterly £60.00

Dumbreck and Pollokshields Churches Leaflet:  Please take one for yourself and others for any neighbours of any church.      

Penance Service: Monday 20th December in St Leo’s at 7.00  – and then for those who are fit and enthusiastic a “Carols by Lanternlight” round the parish at 7.35-ish.  All welcome.   

Church cleaning : next cleaning on Wednesday at 10.30 for a final smartening – up.

Minced Pies and Mulled Wine. This will be in the hall after the 11 o’clock mass this Sunday, 19th December.   We cannot run a Nativity Play this year . Instead we plan to involve any children who are able to be at the 8.30 “Midnight Mass” of Christmas in carrying down the figures for the Crib.  There will be a very short rehearsal for that after 11.00 Mass today.

 Confirmation :

thanks to families and to the catechists for their support of the children.

An informal photograph after the Confirmation Service

  DVD of the Papal Visit with inserts from the Edinburgh celebrations marking the Pope’s reception there, and the Pre-Mass entertainment and the Mass at Bellahouston – excellent value at 10.95 and available in the church porch.

Carols by Lanternlight: all welcome on Monday 20th December at 7.45 outside St Leo’s Church.  Please wear warm clothing and if you have a Santa Claus hat then bring it. (We have some Santa-hats already)  Carols and music will be provided.

Envelopes for parish Offerings:  New envelopes for those who make their contributions to the parish in an envelope are available in the porch.   Please ensure that you write your name and the number of the envelope on the list provided.