St. Leo the Great   5 Beech Avenue,  Glasgow G41 5BY   0141 427 0293 The Archdiocese of Glasgow. A Designated religious charity, No SCO18140  
Priest: Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick   


He will call to me and I shall answer
with freedom and honour  and length of days.
He will call to me. He will call to me 

 All you, sheltered by the Most High, Who live in Almighty God’s shadow,
say to the Lord, “My refuge, my fortress, My God, in whom I trust.”

All: He will call to me  . . . . . . .Missa De Angelis Kyrie

Kyrie, eleison.   Kyrie, eleison.
Christe, eleison.  Christe, eleison.
Kyrie, eleison.   Kyrie, eleison.

Reading I: Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7
Psalm 50: A pure heart create for me, O God.


Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness, in compassion blot out my offence.
O  wash me more and more from my guilt, and cleanse me from my sin.

A pure heart create for me, O God.

 My offences truly I know them; my sin is always before me.
Against you alone have I sinned.  What is evil in your sight I have done. 
A pure heart create for me, O God.

Create for me a heart that is pure, put a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me away from your presence, nor deprive me of your holy spirit. 
A pure heart create for me, O God.

With a spirit of fervour sustain me.  Give again the joy of your help,
O Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise. 
A pure heart create for me, O God.

Reading II: Romans 5:12-19

 To welcome the Gospel: 

Praise to you, O Christ, King of eternal glory.  Praise to you, O Christ, King of eternal glory.
Not by bread alone do we live, but by every word from   the mouth of God;
not by bread alone, not by bread alone, not by bread alone.   
Praise to you, O Christ, King of eternal glory.     Praise to you, O Christ, King of eternal glory

Gospel: Matthew 6:24-


 For the Church: that the prayer, fasting and almsgiving of Lent may lead to a new springtime of faith in our lives. 
Lord, hear us

For all who are preparing for First Confession and for the Easter sacraments: that God will draw them closer
and help them to turn toward all that is holy and good.  Lord, hear us

For all who are alienated from the Church: that God will touch their hearts and lead them to a renewal of faith
and a reconnection with the community of faith.   Lord, hear us

For nations who are struggling for political reform especially in North Africa and the Middle East; 
and for Japan and othjer countries where people gave been affected by earthquake and tsunami.       
Lord, hear us

For all who are ill, and for those who support and care for them:  
including Joseph Boyle, Dina Conetta, Margaret McCafferty, Moira Montgomery,
May Conroy, Alan Hutcheson, Carol Gallagher, Jean Martin,  Sadie Coll, Margaret Lanigan, 
Kenneth Fee, Peter Gibson, Cathy and Leo Gilbert, 
Linda Giulianotti, Kathleen Mallon, Joe McGhee, Margaret Padden, Liam Brogan, 
Fr Joseph Chambers, Cathy Bruce, Jane Henderson, Mary McKenna, Anne & Bernard McNiffe,  Mary O’Hare.   
Lord, hear us

We remember our deceased relatives, friends and fellow-parishioners, and those who mourn,
including Gerry Colgan,  Jennifer Doherty, and Betty Murray, and all those whose anniversary falls about now,
including Dave McKenna,
and  those who have been injured or killed while serving in the armed forces.   
Lord, hear us . .  

The Preparation of the Gifts: 

Lord, you have come to the seashore . . . . . . . .
New St Andrew Sanctus 

Memorial: We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your resurrection
until you come in glory, until you come.

St Andrew Agnus Dei .  .  .

 Communion:  Lord, I am not worthy . . . . .

You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst. . . . . . .

Copyright.: Introit: words © ICEL.  Music © Gerry Fitzpatrick.  Psalm 50 : From The Psalms: A New Translation © 1963 The Grail (England) published by HarperCollins. Music Gerry Fitzpatrick © Kevin Mayhew.  
Be not afraid: Bob Duffold. S.J. based on Isaiah 43 and Luke 6   Words reproduced under Calamus Licence  0262 and CCL 74396  Graphic (c) Netta Ewing
Church cleaning this Wednesday after 10.00 Mass. 

Weekday Mass10.00 preceded by Morning Prayer on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
this Tuesday Mass at 7.00 pm. 
This Thursday: Feast of St Patrick: ecumenical Morning Prayer in St Leo’s with Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s. 
Sunday Masses: Saturday Vigil 6.00; Sunday morning 9.30 and 11.00. Confessions 5.30 and on request.   Tea in the hall after  masses on Sunday.
This Sunday – a ‘Big Breakfast’ for St Patrick after the 11.00 Mass

Parish offerings last week Gift Aid 1st Offering: £274.00  1st Offering   £335.00. 2nd Offering  £218.00 Thanks very much. 
Quarterly collection this month. The 2nd collection during Lent is devoted to the  sick & retired priests fund.

DVD of the Papal Visit  marking the Pope’s visit, and the Pre-Mass entertainment and the Mass at Bellahouston – excellent value at 10.95 and available in the church porch.

 St Patrick’s Day Breakfast. Next Sunday 20 Mar 2011 after 11 o’clock mass.   
£3 adults/ £1 children for the usual sumptuous breakfast. Good food and genial company. Enjoy!

27 March 2011.  Card Making for the junior members of the parish in the hall after 11.00 Mass.  
Please bring a £1 to cover costs of the materials & make a card for Mother’s Day.


Rite of Christian Initiation:  This Sunday, people who are committing themselves to
come into full communion with the Catholic Church ( so are already baptised) and
those who are asking for baptism into the Church will celebrate a service with the
Archbishop at 3.00 in St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.  Music led by the St Mungo Singers.

 St Leo’s parish choir: Mondays 7.00 – 7.50 in the house.  
ZUMBA! In  the parish hall on Mondays at 8.00.

This Tuesday: Lentfest : Burns and the Bible – with Robert Pitt  Kelly  at 7.30 in the parish hall.

 WeightWatchers meet in St Leo’s Hall on Thursdays at 7.15


 Archbishop Romero Lecture 2011:  Romero and the Social Gospel:  the challenge for us today  March 23rd at 7.30pm Lauriston Jesuit Centre, Sacred Heart Church,
Edinburgh info

 Fairtrade Fortnight started on Monday 28 February.   Look out for articles and adverts on Fairtrade issues and watch out in your local supermarkets for Fairtrade products.  Remember – buying Fairtrade marked goods is an easy way to exercise consumer power and support our brothers and sisters in the Third World as they try to work their way out of poverty.  We hope to have Fairtrade Fortnight materials available in the porch and hall, and we will supply Fairtrade tasters – biscuits and Geobars to go with your tea after Mass next week”        

Sciaf boxes available for Lent.

Thanks very much to those who were able to attend the Vespers on Thursday in St Aloysius, Garnethill, to mark the feast of St John Ogilvie. 
It was a better than ever attendance and a much appreciated event.