Bulletin Lent 1 Sunday March 10th

This week in Lent at St Leo’s
1st Sunday of Lent.  Sausage Sunday in St Leo’s after 10.30 Mass.
3.00: Service of welcome (RCIA) in St Andrew’s Cathedral
for people who want to be baptized at Easter or who, being already baptized, want to come into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Monday:   Morning Prayer and Mass at 10.00  Feast of St John Ogilvie
Tuesday   short Stations and Mass at 10.00

Wednesday:  Morning Prayer and Mass at 10.00
Thursday:  joint ecumenical Morning Prayer for Lent at 10.00 in St Leo’s – we particularly welcome parishioners of Sherbrooke Mosspark as well as our own parishioners, but all are welcome.

Friday:    Morning Prayer and Mass at 10.00

8.00 p.m.:  Common Time will entertain in the hall – music and laughter.
Saturday:  short Stations and Mass at 10.00     Confessions at 5.30 p.m.  Vigil Mass at 6.00 p.m.


Special events later

Monday 18thMarch: Feast of St Patrick (transferred from the Sunday) with special Morning Prayer and Mass at 10.00 – followed by tea etc and cake at the back of the church.

Tuesday 19thMarch: Feast of St Joseph – special Morning Prayers and Mass at 10.00

First Confessions for Holly and Adam at 7.00

21stMarch: Ecumenical Morning Prayer for Lent at Sherbrooke Mosspark Church 10.00.

25thAnnual Christian Passover between St Leo’s, Kinning Park and Ibrox Patrish Churches. April 11thin St Leo’s.  Special celebration – please put it in your diaries, or on your wall chart, or in your memory

12thMay: First Communions at St Leo’s



Common Time  this Friday

Common Time is a small group who provide


They play a range of music e.g Scottish, Irish and Modern.  Visitors may contribute.

An evening of laughter and song. 8.00 – 10.30 in St Leo’s Hall  BYOB



for ourselves: that we may be able to slow down, and give more attention to God in prayer, to ourselves by self-discipline, and to others by generosity.      Lord, hear us

For Pope Francis:  that God will guide him in confronting abusive behavior in the church and help him and all of us bring healing for all who have been injured.   Lord, hear us

For all who are estranged from the church: that the Spirit will heal their wounds, give them a new understanding and help them find a welcoming community to support them on their faith journey.

For our country and the European Union:  that we may be guided to take the right decisions for the well-being of us all, and that necessary reforms be found and implemented both in Europe and in the UK.

For the sick and housebound of our families, friends and community: including Frances Dunlop,  Mary Bradley, Douglas Miller, John Dunne, Margaret Browne, Yvonne Watt, Cathie Gilbert, Moira Montgomery, Sandra Barlow, Jerry Connor, and the patients in the local Hospice.  We also pray for those who serve the community in the armed forces.      Lord, hear us

We pray for those who have died recently including Kay Fernandez, Ann O’Hanlon, Ernest Mulrine, Dorothy Laidlaw, Irene Brannan,  Sr Gerard of the Little Sisters of the Poor, and Canon Nicky Rowan.  We pray for those whose anniversaries fall about now including Sr Pat Graham, Alex Green, John and May MacLeod, Michael Kennedy, Chrissie and Pat Higgins, D avid McKenna and for all who mourn         Lord, hear us