Intercessions Holy Family  2018

For the Church and the churches: that we may face the future with faith and trust in God,
no matter what trials or uncertainties may stand before us. 
 Lord, hear us

For healings of relationships in our families: that the Spirit of God will show us how to love one another more deeply, support one another each day, and forgive one another generously.

 Lord, hear us

For all who have no families,
for those who are alienated from or rejected by their families: 
that they may experience love and acceptance through the Christian community.
Lord, hear us

For all who are ill and for those who support and look after them, that they may experience the healing touch of God in their lives:  including Anne Troy, Andrew McLean, Jean Burns, Moira Montgomery, Mary Kerr,
Mary Bradley, Anne Judge, Cathy Gilbert, Frank Kearney, Jerry Connor and Yvonne Watt; we pray also for the patients in the local Hospice.
Lord, hear us

We remember those who have died recently including: Betty McKinney, Noel Woods, Iain Joseph MacNeil,
Colin McKenzie, Nancy Coyle, Sarah O‚ÄôReilly, Ian Menzies,  Jim Hughes, Martin Cuddihy, Margaret Boyle, Michael Cole,

We pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time, including Esther O’Neill, Edith O’Gara, Kevin Barrett, Joseph McCabe, John McVey, Adrian Rogers, Patrick Gilbride, Tam Haley, Stuart Power, Margaret McEvoy,
Tommy and Anne McMahon and the McLaughlin family. pray for those who have been injured or killed while serving in the armed forces.

 Lord, hear us . .