Sunday Mass is at 6.00 p.m. on Saturday and at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday.

Bulletin 30 Sunday 30th July


For the church: that each of us may understand what is most important in our lives and in the lives of all we love, and have the courage to try to live up to it.
Lord, hear us

For our country: that all of us may try to play a generous part in building a community in which everyone matters and everyone has a place.
Lord, hear us

For families preparing to present their child for Baptism.
Lord, hear us

We pray for peace, and for the support for all victims of violence and war: the deceased, the injured, the bereaved, the homeless.
We pray that all nations will accept some responsibility for caring for those who are in need. Lord, hear us

For all who are ill, especially in our families and in our own community, and for those who support and care for them: Patricia McCann,
Yvonne Watt, Reilly McKenna, Bridget Devlin, Dorothy Laidlaw, Moira Montgomery, Ann Judge, Cathie Gilbert, Maureen Dolan,
Betty McKinney, Mgr Donald McKay, Mgr Peter Smith, Mgr Noel Woods, Ray Hollier, Elizabeth Briggs, Pat and Irene Docherty,
Teresita and Socorro Ortiz, and Christopher Browne, and those who care for them. Lord, hear us

for our dead including Mary Hayes, Brian O’Neill, Michael Gara, Danny O’Hara, Fr Charles Kane, Alan Morrison, and Ralph Staffieri,
For our deceased relatives, friends & fellow-parishioners, For those whose anniversary falls about now including John Lanigan, Elsie Steel,
and members of the Harrison family.
Lord, hear us

We pray also for men and women who undertake to protect the community by serving in the armed forces.
Lord, hear us christian  for the week of 3oth July

The morning halfhour is repeated every 30 minutes until 12.00.

08.00:Morning Prayer daily this week is led by Mary Bradley, Stephen Eric Smyth, John Carroll, Gerry Fitzpatrick, Pat Graham SND and Donald MacInnes.  Music by The St Mungo Singers with cantors Grace Buckley and Noel Donnelly,  organist Jane McKenna, and harpist Noel Donnelly.

08.15: Morning Prayer for the Young led by John Paul of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School with music by St Rose of Lima Primary.

08.20: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to next week’s Sunday reading and reflects on Matthew 17: 1-9, the Transfiguration

12.00 noon: The Scottish Catholic Observer   comments on current issues.
12.15: A service for those who are bereaved.
12.30 – 18.00: archive music1800: The Scottish Catholic Observer  comments on current issues.
18.15: A service for those who are bereaved
18.30: “archive”

The Evening Hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00.

20.00:  Evening Prayer is led this evening by David Smith with music by the St Mungo Singers,
with organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett and harpist Noel Donnelly.

20.20: In our The Magazine  Marian Pallister of Scottish Justice and Peace  gives very full
report from Zambia, then Anthony Horan of the Catholic Parliamentary Office of the Bishops Conference of Scotland gives some interesting information on the problem of religious
discrimination;  then on the struggle by some to decriminalise abortion – an issue for which the
public has no appetite; Anthony also draws our attention to the rights of pharmacists to act
according to their religion, personal values and beliefs.  There is news about the modification
of the named person scheme.  Then the good news and  continuing success of the Caritas
Awards to young people over their faith.


20.50: Night Prayer this week is led by Theresa of the Focolare in Glasgow.