Bulletin Easter 2 28th April 2019


For the church: that we may grow in our awareness and recognition of Christ ever present in our lives and in our community.                  Lord, hear us


For all who were baptised or welcomed into full Communion with the Church last week  and for children of the parish who are preparing for their First Communion.

                                          Lord, hear us

We pray for peace everywhere, but particularly just now for the Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Holy Land, for the troubled countries of Africa and the Middle East, for the Ukraine and for people everywhere whose lives are spoiled by violence and war.  We pray particularly at this time  for the Christian community of Sri Lanka.         Lord, hear us

For all who are struggling with belief and have left the Christian community: that they may  rediscover God’s presence and be renewed in faith, hope and love.        Lord, hear us

For our sick relatives and friends and all in the community who need our prayers including: Jack Rae, John Dunne, Sandra Barlow, Jerry Connor, Yvonne Watt,  Ray McVey,  Ann Judge,    Mgr Peter Smith, Mary Bradley, Catriona Glen, for the patients in the local Hospice, and all those who support and care for them.   For those whose lives are endangered as they serve the community in the armed forces.           Lord, hear us

For all our deceased relatives and friends, including Cathie Gilbert, Moira Montgomery, Landa Houghton, Geraldine Rowe, Ellen McCorriston, Roger Kennedy, John Feegan, Edna Mary Harrison, Fr Peter McKelvie, Mgr Robert McDonald, Mgr Jack Sheridan, Moira McDermot, Derek MacDonald  and Fraser McPherson.  We pray for those whose anniversary falls about now, including John Broe, Gerald Gibson, James McKenna, Angela Arnold and Dominic McCafferty.          Lord, hear us




radioalba.org christian is an ecumenical, internet-based radio which promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches and among people of faith.  It is sponsored by Glasgow Churches Together, by ACTS, and by the music Committee of the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

the Morning Hour at 7.00 is repeated hourly until 12.00
7.00: Morning Prayers this week are led by Annette Carachi, Willie Rayworth, Donald MacInnes, Clare McDonald, Stephen Eric Smyth, Gerry Fitzpatrick and Clare McDonald.
7.15:Morning Prayer led by Nina with music by Our Lady of the Rosary Primary with Magdalen MacInnes and Catriona Glen.
7.22:  Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to the 5th May, Vocations Sunday in the Roman Catholic Community
and the Gospel is taken from John 10: 27-30  then, we hear introductions to the weekday readings at Mass from the Liturgical Calendar of Scotland.
and Joe Docherty leads us in a short prayer for peace.
7.30 : Our  Magazine contains news of Justice and Peace matters from Marian Pallister. . . . . . . . .
12.00: News from the Scottish Catholic Observer
12.15: ‘How blest are they’ – praying with the bereaved

12.35: archive music
News from the Scottish Catholic Observer as above.

18.15: How blest are they’ – praying with the bereaved

18.35: archive music

The evening hour at 20.00 is reported at 21.00 and 22.00
20.00: Evening Prayer for Easter is led by Jean Swinbank with music by the St Mungo Singers, organist Jane McKenna  and harpist Noel Donnelly.
20:20: : Our  Magazine contains news of Justice and Peace matters from Marian Pallister  . . . . . . . . . . .
20:50: Night Prayers