Bulletin 25 September 24th 2017


Next Wednesday is the Feast of St Vincent de Paul.  Mass at 10.00 in St Leo’s.
We will pray especially for the recently retired members of the society, for those whom they so generously served, and for the current members.


For the church: that each of us may feel cherished by God, 

may realise that such love is a gift and be able to share it with others.       Lord, hear us.

For all who seek God and for those inquiring into the Church’s faith: that the Spirit of God will open them to God’s presence.    Lord, hear us

We pray for peace,
for all victims of violence,
and for all those who have responsibility for caring for those who are in need, 
and for working for peace..   Lord, hear us

For the housebound and for all who are ill  in the community, and for those who support and care for them:
Mgr Pat Osborne, Hugh Kelly, Patricia McCann, Vincent Riley, Yvonne Watt, Reilly McKenna, Bridget Devlin, Dorothy Laidlaw,
Moira Montgomery, Ann Judge, Cathie Gilbert, Maureen Dolan, Betty McKinney,  Mgr Peter Smith,  Mgr Noel Woods, Ray Hollier,  

Elizabeth Briggs, Anna Ward, Norah Lappin, Pat and Irene Docherty, Teresita and Socorro Ortiz, and Christopher Browne, and all those who care for them.

Lord, hear us

for our dead including Jean Morrison, Allan J McEachen, Bruce Fraser, David MacLean, Stephen Shanahan, Robert Boyle,  Lach MacNeil,, Danny O’Hara, 

and Michael McGowan.   For those whose anniversary falls about now including Peter Swinbank, Jimmy Devine, Jack Martin,   and Owen McComasky.    Lord, hear us

We pray for men and women who serve the country in the armed forces.Lord, hear us


 radioalba.org christian  – can be accessed on the web

It is supported by the music committee of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, by Glasgow Churches Together and by the national ecumenical body, ACTS


the morning half-hour at 08.00 is repeated every 30 minutes until 12.00

08.00:  Morning Prayers with music by the St Mungo Singers

08.15: Morning Prayer for the young comes today from Our Lady Of the Rosary Primary School, Cardonald, with prayers and reading by Kirstie and Julia and  music by Catriona Glen.

08.25:  Canon Bob Hill comments on the Gospel passage for the 1st October,  Matthew 21: 28-32 – a quirky parable exposing the double standards of those who talk the talk but do not walk the walk and then the Rev John Carswell prays for peace; we conclude with Cardinal Martini’s Prayer for Europe.


lunchtime half hour

12.00: This week the SCO team talks about an uplifting story about a kidnapped and recently priest from the Yemen;  Bishop Stephen Robson helps some lost sailors and A catholic MP who is stoking controversy.

12.15: a short service for those who mourn

12.30: archive music


18.00: a repeat of the lunchtime half-hour

18.30: archive music


The evening hour: Evening Prayer, Magazine and Night Prayers – at 8, 9, and 10.00


20.00: The two evening prayers this week are led by David Smith

20.20: in our evening Magazine Frances Gallagher of Justice and Peace, Scotland speaks of our care of the environment and instances ‘Beach Watch.’  Marian Pallister speaks of the work of the inter-religious dialogue committee – and the complex issues of the peoples of the Holy Land .  Jean Swinbank talks of Doctors without Borders and ‘Frontline medicine’ at Mosul; and we conclude  with 2 poems by Stephen Eric Smyth’s – one about Elijah, the visionary speaker of truth and  wonder-worker, and the other about Easter hope.

20.50:  Night Prayers change each evening.