crooksheep jpegBulletin 25 September 20th 2015


Please pray for Joe Gallagher of Copland Road who died last week.

The Vigil Service for Joe will b e at 7.00 on Wednesday evening,
and the Funeral Mass will take place on Thursday morning at 10.00.
Joe, with his wife Catherine, has been a regular in the church throughout his life.
A tall spare gentleman, he sat one third way down the church on the left hand side.
His friendly and dignified demeanour marked him out – and he still walked to church even at the age of 90.
Joe, like Catherine, will be much missed.


‘I know that my redeemer lives;
on the last day I shall rise again.
And in my flesh, I shall see God, the living God.

I myself shall see him face to face,
and my eyes shall look upon my saviour.

Within my heart this hope I cherish:
that in my flesh I shall see God.

I know that



Intercessions 20th September 2015


That we may see those who are in need
as the children of God who are entitled to our compassion and help.
And that the compassion we show
may encourage our political leaders to seek
ways of helping the many distressed people.
Lord, hear us
We pray that the leaders of the nations, and the United Nations,
may seek effective and peaceful means of resolving conflict. We pray for peace everywhere especially just now in the Middle East.
Lord, hear us


We pray for the success of the Synod on The Family which will take place in Rome in October.
Lord, hear us

We pray for Paul Murtagh and Catherine Grainger as they prepare to marry in October.
Lord, hear us

We pray for those who are ill in our families and communities, including Mhairi McColl,
Catherine McGregor, Brian Cavanagh, Moira Montgomery, Margaret Gilmour, Catherine Gilbert,
Bridget Devlin, Margaret McCafferty, Brian Gallen, Irene and Pat Docherty, Mary Margaret Cosgrove,
Teresita Ortiz and Kenny More.
Lord, hear us

We pray for Joe Gallagher, Jimmy Devine, Mick Sharkey, Mary Kane, Isabel Bryson, Moira Brown,
John McGregor, and who died recently. We remember those whose anniversaries fall at this time
including Elsie Steele and Tino Moscardini, and we pray for those who serve the community in the armed forces.

Let us pray together:   Prayer for Refugees

O God, Father of tenderness and mercy,
Look with compassion on those who have left their homes and families
In order to find a refuge of safety and justice.
Open our hearts, Lord,
to recognise
our need to care for others and to relieve the distress of all who are suffering.
Fill us with a spirit of wisdom
That we too may do all in our power
to respond to the needs of our fellow men and women.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.