Bulletin 26 October 1st 2017

Mass daily at 10.00 except Tuesday when it will be at 7 p.m.

Tuesday 11.30: funeral of Monsignor Matt Coakley in St James, Crookston at 11.30



For the church: that all of us may realise that, whatever mistakes we make, or  whatever failings we struggle with,

God continues to cherish us

and offers us the strength we need to grow through our difficulties.  Lord, hear us.

For all who find it difficult to respect the priorities in their lives,

that they may be guided by God and find the proper way.    Lord, hear us

We pray for peace, especially just now in Syria, the Yemen, Iraq and between North Korea and the United States;
for all victims of violence,
and for all those who have responsibility for caring for those who are in need, 
and fall who are working for peace..   Lord, hear us

For the housebound and for all who are ill in the community, and for those who support and care for them: Paul MacNeil,
Mgr Pat Osborne,  Patricia McCann, Vincent Riley, Yvonne Watt, Reilly McKenna, Bridget Devlin, Dorothy Laidlaw,
Moira Montgomery, Ann Judge, Cathie Gilbert, Maureen Dolan, Betty McKinney,  Mgr Peter Smith,  Mgr Noel Woods, Ray Hollier,  

Elizabeth Briggs, Anna Ward, Norah Lappin, Pat and Irene Docherty, Teresita and Socorro Ortiz, and Christopher Browne, and all those who care for them.

Lord, hear us

for our dead including Monsignor Matt Coakley, Patricia McCann, Mary Bush, Jean Morrison, Allan J McEachen,  Stephen Shanahan, Robert Boyle, Danny O’Hara,

and Michael McGowan.   For those whose anniversary falls about now including Peter Swinbank, Jimmy Devine, Jack Martin,   and Owen McComasky.    Lord, hear us

We pray for men and women who serve the country in the armed forces.Lord, hear us