July 6, 2014

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Bulletin 14th Sunday

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

A  Garden Party sponsored by St Leo’s and nine other local parishes to be held in Kinning Park Church
at Plantation on Paisley Road West.

Sat 26 July 2014.   12.00 – 2.00Refreshments for all and games for the children  followed by a short service at 2.00.

Adults £3.00, Children Free.

Intercessions 14th Sunday

For all believers throughout the world,

That their right to worship and profess their faith may be respected.
Lord, hear us

For the Church and the churches:
that Christians may reveal the presence of God in their lives by the way they live.
Lord, hear us

For peace everywhere, but especially just now in the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa.
Lord, hear us.

For our own families and friends
for those on holiday,
And for the success of the Commonwealth Games later this month.
Lord, hear us
For all who are ill among our families,our friends,
and in  the community,
Lord, hear us

For those who have died recently
including Anne Kieran, Stephen McCann, Rose Gilfedder, and Peter McLean,
For those whose anniversaries fall about now
including Margaret and Jane Buckley, and members of the Harrison family.
For men and women serving in the armed forces
Lord, hear us