St. Leo the Great   5 Beech Avenue,  Glasgow G41 5BY   0141 427 0293 The Archdiocese of Glasgow. A Designated religious charity, No SCO18140  Priest: Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick   Weekday Mass 10.00 preceded by Morning Prayer. Vigil Saturday at 6.00, Sunday Mass at 10.30 –   Porridge Sunday in  hall after Mass in aid of Mary’s Meals.

BUlletin 29th Sept 2019


For the grace of compassion – that we may give attention and support to those most in need of it.    Lord, hear us

That our governments may take more account of the needs of the poorest and the most vulnerable, and allocate resources for their care.  That the problems caused by climate change may be faced up to and the necessary changes in policy be found and implemented         Lord, hear us

For peace in Syria, the Yemen,  and throughout the world. We pray also that the countries of the world may use the United Nations as a forum in which to work together rather than go to war.            Lord, hear us

For all who are ill, and for those who support and care for them: Eddie Grant, Bridie McCallion,  Anna Shearer,  Michelle Hamlin,  Margaret Grant, Jane Cameron, Bill Meechan,  John Gibson, Jack Rae,  Irene Docherty,  Lewis Harte, Ray McVey, Brian Gallagher, Kathleen Mallon,  Anne Judge, Catriona Glen,  Yvonne Watt, and Joan Burns.
Let’s pray also for the patients in the local Hospice, and for those who serve the community in the armed forces.
Lord, hear us.

For our deceased relatives, friends & fellow-parishioners,  including Graeme Dunbar, Michelle Victoria Basco, James Meechan, Eoin Walker,  Ralph Dot,  Mary McKinnon, John Limond, Catherine Barrett, Frank Kierney,  Alec Lowry, Eileen Walsh, Denise Bradley, John Kerr, Eddie McFadden, Danny Jamieson,   Raymond Drummond, Monica Roberts, Denise Bradley, Sandra Landers,   Anne Troy, John Clasper, Catherine Farmington,  and Peggy MacMillan,

We pray also for all those whose anniversary falls about now including  Eileen Bannan, Peter Swinbank, Mike Daly,  Bernie Kierney, Jack and Bridie Bannon, Mike Daly, Leo Gilbert, and Annie Harris        Lord, hear us

Tuesday is the feast of St Teresa of Avila.
Thursday the feast of St Ignatius of Antioch, 2nd bishop of Antioch after St Peter.  He was martyred about the year 107
Friday is the Feast of St Luke the Evangelist

Kinning Park Parish Church’s  Beatle Drive at 1.30 p.m. on Monday October 21st   –  see the poster in the bulletin
and Artists and Musicians for Mary’s Meals on Monday 28th from 10.00 a.m. – see the poster in the bulletin


A Report from Calais

 ‘Our mission is to be prayerfully present with and amongst the refugees, migrants and poor; and to build with them a community of hospitality’

In the spirit of Maria Skobtsova and Dorothy Day


2018 – 2019    CALAIS

For the refugee community in Calais, the last year has been emphatically shaped by police violence and the building of more barriers. Almost daily the refugee communities are confronted with a hostile environment, the constant dismantling of their living spaces, and actions that dissuade them from staying in Calais.

By the end of 2018 there were also changes within the refugee communities coming to Calais. While less ‘new comers’ arrived in Europe and Calais, due to the repressive and deadly policies on the Mediterranean border, more refugees have come to Calais who have stayed varying lengths of time in other European countries. 

In Maria Skobtsova House we have met refugees who have been deported from the UK more than once.

Over this summer with the influx of refugee families into Calais, whilst continuing a close relationship with the Eritrean refugees through outreach rather than having them as guests sleeping in the house, we have been providing safe sanctuary to vulnerable refugee families with young children.


Many of the young refugees with us in 2018 have now arrived in the UK. For some of them, staying in contact with us has been important. Many of them keep in contact with each other whilst trying to rebuild their lives.   the weekly schedule

The Morning Hour – every hour until 12.00

7.00: Morning Prayers.
7.15:   Morning Prayer from school comes from  Our Lady of the Rosary Primary  with music by Magdalen MacInnes
7.20: ‘Canon Bob Hill comments on Luke 18: 1-8 and then we hear introductions to the readings from the Lectionary
7.25: praying for people affected by cancer.
7.30: In our Magazine  Denis McBride continues with the Jesus Story and ‘what is its context’?   and from MSF, Doctors without Borders, Elma Wong reports from the Yemen.

Lunchtime half-hour
12.00:  This week, Daniel Harkins with Ryan McDougall and Colette Cooper bring news from the Scottish Catholic Observer.
12.15:  Praying with the Bereaved
18.00:  repeat of the lunchtime half-hour

The Evening Hour is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00

20.00: Evening Prayers
20.20:  Magazine as at 7.30 a.m.
20.50: Night Prayer