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Bulletin 28 October 11th 2015


Congratulations to Pat Graham, SND, and to Sr Mary Ross on their Golden Jubilee.
Pat shared a celebration with Sr Mary Ross in St Simon’s onWednesday and then celebrated inSt Leo’s Saturday 10th October.

Photographs next week.  One picture and the intercessions can be found in the parish bulletin above.


Radio Alba Schedule: 11th October – 18th October christian is accessible through the internet

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0800<strong>: A Parish Morning Prayer: </strong>Led by Brendan Gill with the St Mungo Singers and Cantor Noel
Donnelly It opens with ‘the Great Commandment’ – You must love the Lord your God, with all your heart
and soul…. and continues with Psalm 17: ‘I love you, Lord, my strength’ – in a setting whose evocative
simplicity seems so fitting for morning prayer. We hear the ecumenical version of The Lord’s Prayer.

0815<strong>: A Morning Prayer for Schools</strong>
Given this week by children of Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral School, Motherwell. It begins with
a flute: then the hymn: ‘Lord, how can I repay all you ever give to me, your endless. . . . and
incorporates The Beatitides

0823: Music: Adoremus; Ecce Panis Angelorum; Ave Verum with the St Mungo Singers.

0830: A Parish Morning Prayer
0845: A Morning Prayer for Schools
0853: Music
0900: A Parish Morning Prayer
0915: A Morning Prayer for Schools
0923: Music
0930: A Parish Morning Prayer
0945: A Morning Prayer for Schools
0953: Music
1000: A Parish Morning Prayer
1015: A Morning Prayer for Schools
1023: Music
1030: A Parish Morning Prayer
1045: A Morning Prayer for Schools
1053: Music
1100: A Parish Morning Prayer
1115: A Morning Prayer for Schools
1123: Music
1130: A Parish Morning Prayer
1145: A Morning Prayer for Schools
1153: Music

1200: <strong>SCO:Liz Leyden</strong> gives us news from the SCO (the Scottish Catholic Observer): Bishop Joseph
Toal of Motherwell and the Caritas Award pupils; Frank McAveety, the new Leader of Glasgow City Council
and his thoughts on faith and politics; a monk of Pluscarden reflects on God’s compassion, and
Sheena Campbell writes of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults.

1215: <strong>‘How blest are those’</strong>: A short service for those remembering deceased family and friends.
12.35: archive
1800: Liz Leyden gives us news items from the SCO ( the Scottish Catholic Observer)(see above)
1815: ‘How blest are those’A short service for those remembering deceased family and friends.

2000: <strong>Evening Prayer </strong> Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick leads us in this Vespers: It opens with ‘Before we end
this day, O Lord’,’ The psalm is Psalm 26:’The Lord is my light, the Lord is my help.’ The Magnificat is
set to the tune ‘Amazing Grace.’The response to the intercessions is : Glory be to God who has
shown us the light.’

2025 (approx):<strong> Magazine Report:</strong>
Florence Boyle brings us items from Open House – with Sr Mary Ross giving an account of some
of the procedures which led to the McLellan Report; Michael O’Neill reflecting on an American malaise. And
Tim Reid on a stroll along the Angus Coastal Trail.
2050 : Night Prayer Led by Joe Docherty.
2100: Evening Prayer
2125 (approx): Magazine Report
2150: Night Prayer