Notes from St. Leo the Great Parish Council Meeting 12 December 2019

Matters Arising from Last Minutes of Meeting

  1. a) Church Cleaning Rota – good of people to give time and energy. It would be good to get it systematised
  2. b) Quiz Night Mary contacted the other parishes and a group from Ibrox attended                    
  3. c) Bulletin – Gerry had adjusted the presentation of the Radio Alba information.

    Finance &           Fabric Committee.  

(a) the levy and National Contingency Fund payments for this financial year have been made;  (b) Tax rebate payment of just over £2800 received; over the year, the tax recovery is worth over £7000

(c)Work on the house porch has been completed and also a minor repair to a tap.  Some further work is needed on another tap in the house.  The recent high winds have displaced a tile on the house roof and there is concern that further tiles may be affected.  Fr Gerry contacted the roofer to get this checked.

(d) work is still required on the pipe at the side of the house and Bob suggested that a review and realignment of the gutter at the church porch roof should be undertaken.

(e) the gas fire in the house kitchen has to be certified before it can be used and Bob will get contact name for this


  1. Liturgy Committee The increase in servers (and their new robes) is much appreciated. The design for a new plain chasuble is ready and Fr Gerry hopes to meet with the maker soon. We also have some beautiful new stoles.


  1. Social Committee–we are now onto the second half of the current calendar of events and a meeting will be held in January to plan for the next 6 months. The wreath making session had been well attended and very popular, and there were requests to make it an annual event.It was suggested that Mary copy the back page of the bulletin (with the social events) to Ibrox, Kinning Park and Sherbrooke parishes to keep them abreast with our events.


5 Justice & Peace –  we have been represented at the Dungavel Detention Centre witness and helped out at the Foodbank collection at Tesco. We continue to hold Traidcraft stalls and also a recent stall for Olive Tree.  There is no further information on what is happening with the Serco lock changes, following the Court of Session decision in their favour, but Grace will keep in contact on this matter.  Finally it is noted that the churches are gearing up to act when COP26 comes to Glasgow next November/December.  The Bishops’ Conference has set up a small working group involving SCIAF, Justice & Peace and others.


  1. Catechesis – Fr Wallace has confirmed there are no deanery events for Advent. Annette mentioned the new style parish retreat run by Fr Lawlor in Maryhill.


  1. SVDP Ellen Hamilton has retired and Anne Marie Martin is currently in Australia. This makes it more difficult to hold meetings. There are currently not many people to visit in the parish, but the conference supplies food parcels for people coming to the parish house and has also made donations to the Foodbank


There was discussion about the possibility of putting a collecting can in the church for the Foodbank as people often said they had meant to bring something for the collecting basket but forgot and would like to make a donation.  Grace confirmed that the can was cleared every Sunday and that the money was transferred to the Foodbank


On a separate issue, Fr Gerry raised the problem of asylum seekers coming to the parish house looking for urgent assistance.  He felt it would help to have information on who to contact when these issues arose.


  1. Bulletin/Communications – communications are felt to be improving with regular inputs to Facebook page but it was felt more use could be made of this, and Paul will chat with people at tea after 10.30am to generate more interest.


  1. Ecumenical Events The Advent Morning Prayers with Sherbrooke Mosspark were underway. The ecumenical Carols for Peace service took place on 15 December.


  1. Walkers Group – continues with short rambles and longer walks