St Leo’s Parish Pastoral Council has discussed re-introducing some adult education sessions during Lent.
Our sub-committee has itemised some of the events that take place during Lent to clarify when such sessions might most suitably take place:
18th Feb:    1st Sunday of Lent and RCIA at the Cathedral
                    can we make a session on either the Wednesday or Thursday of that week?  21st or 22nd February
25th :           2nd Sunday of Lent
4th March:   3rd Sunday Lent – a session on either the Wednesday or Thursday of that week?  7th or 8th March
9th March:   Ogilvie Vespers at St Aloysius, Garnethill
11th March:  4th Sunday Lent / Mother’s Day / SCIAF collection
15th March:  possibly a parish Stations of the Cross or Seven Last Words
18th March:  5th Sunday of Lent – and a Special Breakfast after 11.00 Mass
19th March:   Ordination at 6.30 in St Andrew’s Cathedral  (Monday)
22nd March:  Ecumenical Passover 7.00 at Ibrox or Kinning Park Church
25th March:   Palm Sunday – clocks move forward
26th March:   Parish Penance Service  Monday
28th March:   Ecumenical Stations or Seven Last Words at St Leo’s for the other churches
29th March:   Holy Thursday – Chrism Mass at 11.00 and Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7.oo
30th March:   Good Friday Service 3.00
31st  March:   The Easter Vigil
1st April         Easter Sunday
During Lent before Mass we will have the Ecumenical Morning Prayer with Sherbrooke on the Thursdays, and will provide Lenten Morning  / short Stations before Mass daily.
Adult Education sessions
We will ask the parish this Sunday for suggestions.  Topics already suggested include:
1 How a Christian can balance and make sense of the ‘choices / responsibilies / hopes’  that affect all our lives
2 What do we miss out on when we neglect regular attendance at Mass?
Wednesdays or Thursdays look the most likely evenings and there are already so many events taking place
that we feel that if we manage two sessions we will be doing well!