Hosannah to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosannah to the Son of David!  Blessed is he!  Hosannah in the highest!

See he comes, the Son of David!  Jesus Christ from Galilee.
Prophet and teacher,  king and servant.
One with his people, setting them free! Hosannah to . . . . . .

Riding to Jerusalem, the prophet and his friends,
All the children came to greet him, gave God praise and sang:
Hosannah to the Son of David! ….

Palm and olive trees gave branches, sycamores bowed down.
People lined the road with gladness, children danced and sang:
Hosannah to the Son of David . . . . . . .

Men and women threw their branches at the Saviour’s feet;
children jumped around him laughing, played their games & sang:
Hosannah to the Son of David . . . . . . .

First Reading: Isaiah 50:4-7

Psalm 21:  My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

All who see me deride me.  They curl their lips, they toss their heads.
“He trusted in the Lord, let him save him, let him release him if this is his friend.”  My God, …..

Many dogs have surrounded me; a band of the wicked beset me.
They tear holes  in my hands and my feet; and I can count ev’ry one of my bones. My God, …..

They divided my clothing among them. They cast lots for my robe.
O Lord do not leave me alone; you are my strength, make haste to help me. My God, my God…

I will tell of your name to my brethren and praise you when they are assembled.
You who fear the Lord, give him praise; all sons of Jacob, give him glory. My God…

2nd Reading: St Paul to Philippians 2: 6-11

Gospel Acclamation:
Praise to you, O Christ, King of  eternal glory.
Praise to you, O Christ, King of  eternal glory.

Christ was humbler yet, even to accepting death on a cross. Christ was humbler yet;
but God raised him high, but God raised him high, and gave him the name which is
above all names. Praise to you, O Christ…

Gospel: St Matthew 14:26 – 27:66

Preparation  of Gifts: Canticle from the Letter to the Philippians

Though  Jesus Christ was in the form of God, he did not count such equality to be grasped.

Instead, he freely emptied out himself, and took the form of a servant, was born  like us.

In human form he chose humility,  and gave himself up to dying upon a cross.

Because of this our God exalted him,and raised him, gave him a name above every name.

At Jesus’ name now every knee should bow, be they in heav’n or on earth or creation’s depths.

St Gregory Mass: Sanctus & Memorial, and  Lamb of God

The Invitation: Behold the Lamb. . . .

Communion hymn ( tune Adoro Te )

Where true love is dwelling, God is dwelling there.  Love’s own loving presence love does ever  share.
Love of Christ has made us out of many one. In our midst is dwelling God’s eternal Son.

Give him joyful welcome, love him and revere,  cherish one another with a love sincere.
As in Christ we gather discord has no part;  ours is but one spirit but one mind and heart.

May we share the vision with the saints on high of Christ’s matchless glory whenwe come to die.
Where true love is dwelling, God is dwelling there. Love’s own loving presence love does ever share.

Copyrights:  Hosannah to the Son of David:  Gerry Fitzpatrick  © Kevin Mayhew.  Canticle from Philippians: words © Stephen E Smyth.
Psalm 21: Words taken from The Psalms: A new translation © The Grail; music M Morran © Kevin Mayhew.  Where true love: words ©
James Quinn SJ.  Words reproduced under Calamus Licence  0262 and CCL 74396

Masses: Morning Prayer and Mass on Monday and Wednesday. Stations of the Cross before Mass on Tuesday at 10.00.
Ecumenical Evening service in St Leo’s  with Ibrox Parish Church and Kinning Park Parish Church on Wednesday evening at 7.00
Holy Thursday: Chrism Mass in the Cathedral at 11.00.
St Leo’s Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday is at 7.00, with the Washing of the Feet.  There is a Night Prayer at 9.15
The Good Friday Liturgy of the Passion with Veneration of the Cross is at 3.00.
There is an ecumenical Evening Service in Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s at 7.00.
The Easter Vigil on Saturday is at 8.30.  Easter Sunday Masses are at 9.30 and 11.00 and there is an Easter Egg hunt in the grounds
after 11.00 Mass for the children.

Parish Offerings: 1st offering £353.00  Gift  Aided 1st offering £315.00.  2nd offering for sick and retired priests: £201.00.
Quarterly collection £95.00  Quarterly Gift Aided £20.00   Many thanks.    Parishioners might like to bring their Sciaf  ‘little’
boxes to Mass on Holy Thursday evening (if is is possible) when the collection is taken up for the poor.

Traidcraft Stall: Many thanks to everyone who supported the stall last week.  We made just under £70 in sales.

Church cleaning: Thanks very much to those who have given the church their time
and attention and made it ready for Holy Week and Easter

St Leo’s choir:   the choir – with the support of the weekday Mass congregation – deserves our thanks for the generous way
in which they support all the liturgies in St Leo’s including weddings and funerals – they transform services!
New members always welcome!

Thanks to the organisers and to all who were able to take part in this year’s ecumenical Passover.

Participants at the ecumenical Passover in Kinning Park Church

The Leader for the Passover was Rev Marnie Johnston, while the ‘Father’ and the ‘Mother’ were Kinning Park parishioners.  The 4 questions were shared by parishioners of St Leo’s and of Ibrox Parish Church, the Canticle of Moses ( or of his sister ‘Miriam’) was led By Grace Buckley, and the quotations from the 2nd century ‘Didache’ (called ‘the Teachings of the 12 Apostles’) were given by Rev Elizabeth Spence.  We enjoyed a very pleasant evening.  The service was devised in a relaxed and prayerful idiom which enabled us to look back at the beginnings of Jewish and Christian worship and to be glad to be together on the very threshold of Holy Week.