Masses:  Vigil: 6pm; Sunday: 9.30 am, 11am; Weekdays: 10.00. Morning Prayer before Mass.

Parish offerings: 2nd Sunday of Easter: 1st Offering: £367 .  Gift Aided 1st Offering: £364  2nd Offering: £205 SCIAF collection: if you still have any ‘wee boxes’ for Sciaf please hand them in as soon as you can, so that we can return them to Sciaf..

Our Lady of the Rosary School: any spectacles or mobile phones that you don’t use?  These can be left at church and will be re-cycled through the school.  The children at the school managed to raise £5353.27 during Lent for ‘Mary’s Meals’ – and provided for 40 ‘starter packs’ for families being re-housed.

Notes from Hazelwood School: the pupils and staff were very much saddened recently  by the sudden death of a young pupil, Zak Richardson.   The collection taken at the end of the ecumenical Passover on the Thursday before Holy Week amounted to almost £150.00 and is being given to the school.    S3 held a very successful Daffodil Tea. Lots of local people and parents popped in and they all had a great afternoon. With the raffle and sale of home baking, Mickie Milne and her team raised over £561 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. A big thankyou must go to Lynn Stafford for all her beautiful baking and to everyone who worked so hard to make the event such a resounding success. S3 will hand over a cheque to the organisation at one of our school assemblies.

St Leo’s Walkers go for their ‘weekend- away’  next Friday.  They will be Exploring Pitlochrie, Fascale, ‘The Hermitage and Killiekrankie – to mention  just a few of the beauty spots.  This weekend they visited the Falls of Clyde.

Ecumenical Vespers: Next Thursday:  There will be an ecumenical Vespers at 7.00 in St Andrew’s Cathedral involving the St Mungo Singers, the Iona Community’s ‘Wild Geese’, two religious  from an orphanage in Malawi and representatives from the Church of Scotland. The Archbishop will welcome  Rev David Lunan, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland who will address the gathering. Everyone is  welcome.   The service will be based on the traditional Evening Prayer of the  Church with the addition of some African music.

First Communions: Children meet after the 11.00 Mass this Sunday.   Parents meet on the 7th and 14th of May.

St Leo’s choir: Fr Gerry again wants to thank the parish choir for the generous support given to the families and friends of Bridget Sweeney and then of Dominic McCafferty at their funerals this past week.

The parish website is now at mungosbairns.  The bulletin will be there weekly and we hope gradually to make it a source of information about what happens in the community and what goes on to make the parish work.

Parish soiree and soilee: St Leo’s parish is blessed by the number of parishioners who take part in parish life – so many ‘movers and shakers’.  The Pastoral Council and the Parish Priest would like to say thanks and invite everyone who does anything for the parish to a supper and soiree (preceded by a Mass) later in May (22nd).  Mass at 7.00 and the supper/soiree at 7.35.  Your parish is the place where you attend Mass, so if that is you, then please regard yourself as a parishioner.  ( You can be an extra-territorial parishioner (note – not an extra terrestrial parishioner!!) and you can retain your loyalties to associate parishes!

Interesting :  Holy See and League of Arab States Sign Agreement VATICAN CITY, APRIL 23, 2009 The Vatican Secretariat of State signed a memorandum of understanding today together with the League of Arab States.   A Vatican press release reported that this agreement was signed in the Apostolic Palace by Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for relations with states, and Amre Moussa, secretary general of the league.The statement explained that this agreement, which came into effect with the signatures of the two parties, “further consolidates the bonds of cooperation that exist between the Holy See and the League of Arab States, especially on the political and cultural levels, in favor of peace, security, and regional and international stability.”  “Moreover,” the report continued, “it proposes instruments of consultation between the two parties, giving attention also to initiatives of interreligious dialogue.” The Pope’s Secretary of State represented the Holy See, along with other Vatican officials. A delegation from the League of Arab States was headed by Walid Al Gargani. Some member countries of the league were also represented by their ambassadors to the Holy See. The League of Arab States, seated in Cairo, was started in 1945, and is comprised of 22 countries, including: Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Kuwait. Pope John Paul II sent the first apostolic delegate to the league in 2000.

Intercessions:  3rd Sunday of Easter   2009

For the gift of faith: that God will deepen our faith so that the power of God’s love will redeem us from meaninglessness and transform our vision and purpose for living.   PAUSE  Lord, hear us

For all who are broken or wounded: that we may recognize Christ in them and help them see Christ in their lives.   PAUSE  Lord, hear us
For all who minister in the Church: that they may fulfill Christ’s command to proclaim forgiveness and reconciliation amongst those who are most broken and fearful.   PAUSE  Lord, hear us

For all who are very ill, especially those with cancer: that God will bring healing, strength, comfort and hope to them. PAUSE  Lord, hear us

For all world leaders: that they may not loose patience with one another and that will renew their efforts to end conflicts through negotiations.    PAUSE  Lord, hear us For Catherine and Paul who were married this week, and for Johanna and Andrew who are getting married next month. PAUSE  Lord, hear us

For all who are ill:  we pray for   Margaret McCafferty, Margaret Lanigan, Kenneth Fee, Cathy and Leo Gilbert, Linda Giulianotti, Kathleen Mallon, Joe McGhee, Margaret Padden, Liam Brogan, Fr Joseph Chambers, Elizabeth Conroy, Mary McKenna,  Anne & Bernard McNiffe,  Mary O’Hare,  Anne McMahon,  Eileen Farrell, Mark Callaghan, Andy Vandermotten, and Michael Wagner.  ( PAUSE )     Lord, hear us We remember those who have died including Dominic McCafferty,  Bridget Sweeney, Vincent Kerr, Sebastian Jamieson, and Bill Walton.  We pray for those whose anniversaries fall about now, including Pat McBride and Ronald Lanni. We also remember and pray for those who have been injured or killed while serving in the armed forces.    ( PAUSE)     Lord, hear us