“Small World” – the Summer 09 issue of the Practical Action magazine is available in the porch. Read about how Practical Action are helping people in:

  • Bangladesh adjust to the problems of soil erosion and climate change;
  • Sudan where women refugees are being enabled to earn a living;
  • Sri Lanka where a combination of new ideas and traditional rice varieties is allowing farmers to recover saline ground for growing rice;
  • Peru to introduce and maintain wind turbines;
  • Kenya to obtain clean water for Nairobi slums;
  • Zimbabwe to bring hydro electricity to rural areas to improve health services and prevent mothers dying in labour.

Read more online with www.practicalaction.org.uk

National Justice & Peace Conference will be held in the Ogilvie Centre on 5 September 2009 – speakers Charles Kennedy and Ian Davison.  A great way to get up to date on what is happening and to meet other people interested in Justice & Peace issues!