Guidance for Families on the Celebration of the Sacraments

During the Coronavirus Pandemic:

As Parish Priests are now held legally responsible for the implementation of strict procedures and practices while parishioners are on the Church premises, we kindly ask that the following guidance is adhered to during the celebration of the Sacraments in church.


  • Please adhere to the existing regulations within your parish for the celebration of Mass: face covering (including children unless medically exempt), hand sanitisation, social distancing, following steward directions and the prescribed maximum number of people present within the Church building.


  • In line with current health regulations, Mass booklets are not allowed. Pupils and families may bring their own personal Missals to use.


  • As congregational singing is currently prohibited, there will be no hymns sung and pupils are unable, at this time, to sing a hymn as a group, as is often the tradition at First Holy Communion/Reconciliation. Recorded music may be used as an alternative.


  • Due to social distancing regulations, the parish priest will maintain 2metres distance from pupils


  • Photographs should only be taken according to social distancing guidelines i.e household groups or groups of all children/classmates. Adults must adhere to social distancing and remain 2M apart when waiting to take photographs


  • Due to social distancing rules, the parish priest and teachers cannot be in any photographs.


  • Please do not congregate in groups outside of the Church before or after Mass.


  • Please do not invite anyone along unless there is a space booked for them.


  • Where possible, the Mass will be live streamed to allow extended family to participate at home.


  • Gifts and cards should not be exchanged on the Church premises (including car parks etc.).