For the Church: that each of us may grow in awareness of that great body of the children of God, in whom, despite human frailty,  the holiness of God shines out, and whose prayers can help us.   Lord, hear us

For families, especially those who are struggling in any way, that they may find encouragement and support in our parish community.      Lord, hear us

For the work of Glasgow Churches Together, for our neighbouring churches in Ibrox, Kinning Park and Sherbrooke Mosspark as well as the churches of the Archdiocese: that we may grow together in faithfulness.

Lord, hear us

For peace: that people may all see the other as brother or sister and work to understand one another – especially in the Holy Land, Syria, Iraq, the Yemen,
Nigeria, East Africa, and Myamar.

For all the sick and housebound among our families and in the community.

and all those who care for them.        Lord, hear us



For our deceased relatives and friends Lord, hear us
We pray also for men and women who serve the country in the armed forces. Lord, hear us