All Saints Day 2012







For the Church: that each and all of us may grow
in awareness of that great body of the children of God,
in whom the holiness of God still shines out, and whose prayers can help us.
Lord, hear us

For ourselves: that God will free us from the wounds of our human weakness, so
that our inadequacy may become a strength for us.   Lord, hear us

For families, especially those who are struggling in any way, that they may
find encouragement and support in our parish community.  Lord, hear us

For the work of Glasgow Churches Together, for our neighbouring churches in
Ibrox, Kinning Park and Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s as well
as the parishes of the Archdiocese:
that in this Year of  Faith we may grow together in faithfulness. Lord, hear us

For peace: that people may all see the other as brother or sister
and work to understand one another – especially in the Holy Land, the Middle East, and
Afghanistan.                           Lord, hear us

For all the sick and housebound among our families and in the community.                                                      Lord, hear us. . .

And for all who have died including Margaret Bell who died
this week, and for those whose anniversaries fall now including  Nicola Clare,
Lily McGlone and George and Jo  McLaughlin .          Lord, hear us. . . .