This is a small group of people who meet regularly, particularly in the run up to major liturgical seasons Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

Our main concern is the weekly Eucharist but we also give our attention to the Children’s Liturgy on Sundays, Advent and Lenten services, Penance Services, Vespers, Benediction, ecumenical Morning Prayers and the annual Passover Meal etc.

The purpose of the meetings is to plan the liturgies and to attempt to enhance the prayerfulness and meaning of the services using music, signs and symbols.

Powerpoint presentations have also been organised for the Easter Vigil  and on topics as varied as St Paul, Our Father, the Creed, Our Lady, the New Missal and ecumenical Stations of the Cross.
These sessions are prayerful in nature and provide an opportunity for thought provoking discussion.

Our sacristans are Joseph MacLean,  Joseph Docherty, Angela Mcleod and Brendan Gill.

The organist is Jacqueline Barrett, and we have a thriving choir many of whose members are also in The St Mungo Singers.  There are five cantors.

The readers are organised by Grace Buckley and the Eucharistic Ministers by Jean Swinbank

Church cleaning is organised by Angela McLeod

Flowers are organised by Jacqueline and Alison.