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St Leo’s parish Bulletin 24th March

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Bulletin Lent 3 Sunday March 24th Congratulations to Holly and Adam on making their First Confession this week, And thanks to their family and school – and to Angela Fraser who was their parish catechist. 3rd Sunday of Lent at St Leo’s Monday:   Morning Prayer and Mass at 10.00 Tuesday   short Stations and Mass at […]

Parish Bulletin 17th March 2019

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Bulletin Lent 2 Sunday March 17th Intercessions for ourselves: That we may seek and find the presence of God as we give more attention to prayer,  try to develop more sense of self-sacrifice, and show more love to our neighbour in need. Lord, hear us For Pope Francis:  that God will guide him in leading […]

St Leo’s Parish Bulletin 10th March 2019

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Bulletin Lent 1 Sunday March 10th This week in Lent at St Leo’s 1st Sunday of Lent.  Sausage Sunday in St Leo’s after 10.30 Mass. 3.00: Service of welcome (RCIA) in St Andrew’s Cathedral for people who want to be baptized at Easter or who, being already baptized, want to come into full communion with the […]

St Leo’s Bulletin for 3rd March 2019 8th Sunday of the Year

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  Bulletin 8th Sunday March 3rd   From a schools Morning Prayer for Lent on Let us pray Father of us all, As we celebrate Lent we thank you for all you give us and we offer you this day with generous hearts  through Christ our Lord. Amen. a short reading from St Matthew’s […]