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St Leo’s Bulletin 1st October 2017

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Bulletin 26 October 1st 2017 Mass daily at 10.00 except Tuesday when it will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday 11.30: funeral of Monsignor Matt Coakley in St James, Crookston at 11.30   Intercessions For the church: that all of us may realise that, whatever mistakes we make, or  whatever failings we struggle with, God continues to cherish […]

St Leo’s Bulletin 24th September 2017

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Bulletin 25 September 24th 2017   Next Wednesday is the Feast of St Vincent de Paul.  Mass at 10.00 in St Leo’s. We will pray especially for the recently retired members of the society, for those whom they so generously served, and for the current members.   Intercessions: For the church: that each of us may […]

St Leo’s Bulletin 17th September

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Bulletin 24 September 17th 2017   Intercessions We pray for the grace to forgive those who have wronged us:  and for a deep awareness in ourselves of God’s boundless forgiveness, that in the midst of our weaknesses, we may recognize how God’s forgiveness supports us each day    Lord, hear us. We pray for people who […]

St Leo’s Bulletin 3rd September 2017

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Bulletin 22 September 3rd 2017 Intercessions We pray for all who have responsibility for supporting the faith and well-being of others – we think of Pope Francis, the bishops and the leaders of churches and faith communities throughout the world; we think of national and local governments. Lord, hear us. We pray for prophets who […]