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Christmas Day 2013

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Vigil mass at 8.30 Morning Masses at 9.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. Intercessions  Christmas  2013                                                                                For the Church and the churches, especially our neighbours in Ibrox, Kinning Park, Dumbreck and Pollockshields: that each of us may give witness to the angel’s message of great joy – that God comes to save us and bring peace.  […]

St Leo’s Parish Bulletin 4th Sunday Advent 2013 22-12-013

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Christmas The evening Mass of Christmas (‘Midnight Mass’) will take place at 8.30 on Tuesday 24th December. The Mass will begin with carols which will be followed by the Christmas Proclamation, then in candle-light the Introit of Christmas ‘The Lord said to me: You are my Son. I have begotten you, begotten you this day…..  The Prologue […]